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Sailaday OK – Life changing therapy at sea

Sailaday OK supports marine based adventure therapy to help adults, their families and young persons recover from the consequences of addictions, abuse and other trauma .

Our unique evidence based therapeutic model promotes positive personal change through practical expereince. To reduce disadvantage and social exclusion  by provision of therapeutic sailing  & Educate therapists and skippers in the benefits of therapeutic sailing.


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Frequently Asked Questions - Participants
FAQs - Participants
Some Frequently Asked Question for those coming to Sailaday OK

? If you regularly get travel sick in cars or buses you might. Very few do get seasick and none have yet been chronically sick. We have an approved seasick mediation if you begin to feel sick you must tell the skipper and he will have some things to do that will help.

4 days and nights we start at Falmouth harbour and 4 days and nights later we return. Each night we will find a safe and secure creek or harbour to anchor in

Link Read a day in the Life

?   4 days and nights we start at Falmouth harbour and 4 days and nights later we return. Each night we will find a safe and secure creek or harbour to anchor in.    Link Read a day in the Life.

If you are part of a group from a residential, the residential will make a contribution. If you are part of a Returnees group you will be asked to make a contribution.

No, but you need to be physically and mentally robust enough to partake in all the exercises and chores, groups etc

On deck not below deck. Take care in extinguishing cigarettes and there is an ash tray please uses it. If you make a mess clear it up.

The boat is safe and certificated. The skipper will avoid conditions that are not safe. When sailing, the boat ‘heels’ over to one side or the other depending on the wind side and this is meant to happen. 

Video link

The conditions can be hostile and it is best to bring a change of clothing and especially more undergarments, t shorts etc, and it can be cold at night. 

   Link ‘bring’

Possibly, and if you have a difficulty with this you need to tell the skipper

Once we leave Falmouth harbour we will most likely not stop at any land. We do stop at night and anchor in a safe and likely to be remote part of the coastline. If conditions are right there have been occasions to walk in the woods.

There is usually one opportunity for a short night sail. There are clear therapeutic reasons for this exercise and it is exhilarating and e4nlightening. All the exercises are done with consent and discussion.

The more you are involved in all activities, all sailing activities and therapeutic work including meditation and group work the more you will get from the session., 

You get sleeping bags and a blanket and pillow and there is a double bunk which is shared in the ‘bows’ front of the boat and two single cots which you make up each night in the main cabin.. 

video link

The only people who have got off in the last 6 years have needed medical attention. There may be parts of the session you find difficult but if you work with the difficulty/s you, if you stay with the process you will achieve more than you could believe.

Each day the skipper will adjust the programme to the weather conditions and to his assessment of your capabilities. In this part of Cornwall there are choices where to sail depending on these conditions. The main estuary outside Falmouth can be reasonably protected and there are rivers and safe areas if it gets very bad. 

Click here to watch a video of differeing conditions

There are many ways to get help. The boat is very seaworthy and the skipper is very experienced. There are safety procedures you will follow like having a lifejacket on at all times when the boat sailing/motoring. If there is an accident there are procedures to ensure your wellbeing as well as methods for contacting other boats for help and the coastguard and lifeboat services if needed.

No. This is about you and not about measuring your sailing skills. This is to help you and your recovery. This is therapeutic. There is an evaluation process including forms on the last evening, which is an opportunity for you to help us with our research and assessment of how you did.

Each evening there is a formal hour group which is time for you to reflect and find words to help process the days and experience and this resolve or process other issues that might be relevant to the SOK experience.

The programme is therapeutic and each exercise is designed to help you be more present, more in the ‘here and now’ what you can retain of this process will make your life in the future more manageable, and will be supporting your recovery.

“Participants readily make connections between maritime phenomena, such as shifting land and seascapes, tide, storms or becalming and other inevitable obstacles and general life events, such as a new job, grumpy child or partner, car break down, financial struggles or unexpected impediments.

I suggest that existential and seafaring journeys require identical personal qualities and resources in order to successfully move forward, to achieve our goals and also to know when to let go of expectations and change direction...”



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