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Sailaday OK – Life changing therapy at sea

Sailaday OK supports marine based adventure therapy to help adults, their families and young persons recover from the consequences of addictions, abuse and other trauma .

Our unique evidence based therapeutic model promotes positive personal change through practical expereince. To reduce disadvantage and social exclusion  by provision of therapeutic sailing  & Educate therapists and skippers in the benefits of therapeutic sailing.


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returnees group july 2013

Dear Richard thank you for an amazing time and feel since leaving the boat I have entered into a new chapter in my life and thank you for helping me turn the page and can't thank you enough for the last couple of days

Many thanks james 

Evaluation womens group 2011 july pdf

This sample from the evaluation form comments on the quality of therapy and counseling, and how in smaller groups she felt really encouraged to share and experss difficult feelings.

July 2011 evaluation pdf mens group

How one particiapant found the process groups helpfull and gave him a greater perspective.

Feedback from RAT's group May 2011


The commitment and enthusiasm of the group meant that they put a lot into the session and consequently got a great deal out of the 4 day wilderness therapy session.Click on 'read more' and then  pdf to read report evaluations


Wilderness therapy group feedback may 2011

This was an excellent week for sailing, good winds and various sune etc. We sdailied to the Lizard the most southerly point in Britain and explored that part of the coast. The group common themes were how one can be addicted to pain and how physical pain may mask deeper emotional issues. The other theme was undervalueing self and needinging an MOT to see that one had recovered more than realized.

Click bellow to read more

Longreach may session

It was positive group who clearly benefitted from the session. Quotes talk of insights and decisions to change their lives. The first day was postponed due to bad weather and they manged this disruption well.

Click on pdf to see qutes


Womens group feedback April 2011

Very positive feedback from group April 2011. Although not a lot of sailing due to sun and hot weather, great insights and changes in outlook and perceptions of the future. Interesting refernces to night sailing.  Click on pdf below


Sptember mens group fedback

Very positive feedback for wilderness therapy session with four males. Rough conditions. New evaluation forms. Click on pdf to read



september womens 2010


click on pdf to view feedback selection from women's group september 2010

this was a group that worked hard and were inspired by thew changes in conditions for sailing and recognised the metaphor for recovery. That when the conditions change you need to make changes.

mens group july 2010

Men’s group July 2010

Name ‘I’   (33 yr old multiple drug user)

“I have now learnt not to bury my head in the sand, pretend problems will solve themselves, and realized mistakes can be rectified and to take notice of what is happening around me”

Name ‘T’ (30 yr old alcoholic)

“This will help me in the future as I now recognise my inner child I thought was lost. , he is beside me,  and realise things aren’t half as bad as I think they are, I know now that I can deal with situations as they occur and this makes life easier”

Name ‘A’ (39 life time of alcoholism, self abuse and mental disorder)

“I got what I wanted an experience of peacefulness, serenity and knowledge”

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