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Sailaday OK – Life changing therapy at sea

Sailaday OK supports marine based adventure therapy to help adults, their families and young persons recover from the consequences of addictions, abuse and other trauma .

Our unique evidence based therapeutic model promotes positive personal change through practical expereince. To reduce disadvantage and social exclusion  by provision of therapeutic sailing  & Educate therapists and skippers in the benefits of therapeutic sailing.


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June/July 2010 Women’s group.

June/July 2010 Women’s group.

‘E’ (age 29 long-term alcohol use and history of abuse)

“I learnt I can do more and I don’t have to put myself down, now I can face the challenges to come”

‘C’ (age 39 long-term alcohol and abusive relationships)

“I came away feeling healthier, more confident and in control of myself, I believe I rose to the challenges and did really well”

“The groups proved helpful and gave m insights to how I am”. “I had a great insight in to how I steer toward dangerous relationships (rocks) even when I am doing fine, when I stay connected to myself I can keep a good course”

‘C’ (54 long-term alcohol use and abuse)

“When I made mistakes I was not criticised so I can now seek guidance and not feel stupid”

‘K’ (39 long-term alcohol and drugs use abused all her life, a life of trauma and negative angry reactions)

“Even when I was in conflict with Richard, he didn’t get cross with me and helped work through conflict”. “I had a great insight and understand I am not stupid or useless I am full of old trauma and find it hard to learn new things, these can be resolved.” “From helming by compass I learnt me left and right brain works fine, feel happy everyone like it now I’m smiling”

mens group june

Quotes   mens group June 2010

‘M’   “I have gained more confidence in taking on tasks with responsibility for myself and others”

‘T’  “What an experience everything helped me get in touch with and understand myself better. Especially the helming clarifies my personality traits”

‘S’ “What helped was the movement of the boat, being part of a team, help making sense of my thought s and feelings and noticing the difference, feelings of peace and tranquility, and the helming helped me be more aware of all my senses”

“I feel inspired for the future and confident and excited and really hopeful for the future “

‘A’ “thank you Richard I hope I never forget this”

may womens group 2010

Womens Group quotes May  22nd

“I learnt to have fun, take part in activities, I feel calm and most important feel safe even though there were breakdowns and difficult weather’”

“I have found my voice; I can speak up for myself”

“I would love to come again as I feel so much more confident”

“First time I can say I feel happy. I don’t ever again have to try I can do it. I have learnt a new level of acceptance and letting go”

April 25 male group quotes

E. “sailaday has allowed me to explore my feelings and fears in a safe and controlled manner. Right from arriving on the boat the skipper gave me a sense of confidence and trust”

LB. “ I relaxed my mind, and the whole experience, especially the helming in rough seas, the sights and sounds, the te4am building, comradery and the groups and mediation helped me get what I wanted, I could think clearly and be myself”

CM. “I found the formal groups  comfortable more than any other groups I have been in and processing the subjects of the days events and reflecting on them and the past and what we had achieved really helpful”

CM. “I enjoyed most sailing and helming the seas, functioning as part of a team. I enjoyed the surroundings, wildlife, and the pleasurable atmosphere of being one with it all “

Ali “I enjoyed most being responsible and being trusted” “I can see now that there is more to life than drugs and constant madness.”

Aprill 11 Quotes

D. Aprill11

“The feedback and suggestions are something I can take away forever, a life changing experience .... “

“Richard has had a positive effect on my life. He is professional and friendly, and really funny, and serious when necessary and his approach to recovery is truthful. I felt hopeful when working with him “

Tracy April 11 2010-04-12

“The last 4 days have been fascinating and fantastic, I’ve laughed and cried. I’ve learnt there is more work to do and willing to go the extra mile.”

Kerry April 11 2010

“This experience has given me hope and knowing there is still so m much out there to live for”

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