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Sailaday OK – Life changing therapy at sea

Sailaday OK supports marine based adventure therapy to help adults, their families and young persons recover from the consequences of addictions, abuse and other trauma .

Our unique evidence based therapeutic model promotes positive personal change through practical expereince. To reduce disadvantage and social exclusion  by provision of therapeutic sailing  & Educate therapists and skippers in the benefits of therapeutic sailing.


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Carmen West

Carmen West.  Trustee

I am interested in becoming a trustee because not only because of how it has had a positive effect on myself, but also what I have seen in other people. This last time I went sailing it suddenly made sense; I could really see how the sailing relates to recovery. In life one cannot see the journey, the way it changes and brings the challenges, but in the sailing there was a real aspect/dimension to having to deal with challenges, the rough sea; being able to physically see the boat go off course and how it is possible to steer it back on course; how important the team is, that is impossible to manage alone without guidance, support and personal recognition of one’s abilities as well as limitations. Learning to trust the right people around oneself. That as long as a course has been set and a point or goal is able to be aimed for then it is OK to not go in a straight line; no one sails in a straight line. 

To be in an environment where, as one sailor described it, 'leave your skin at the peer'. Everything we use to hide behind in our lives is left behind, our creature comforts as one may say. No use for makeup, no squeaky clean facilities; it's back down to basics, to our inner core, to our real being; learning how to deal with that and ride the waters in good and rough weather and knowing when to seek shelter in the harbour. 

For people to make that connection either consciously or unconsciously can make a real difference; an awareness not really able to be established anywhere else, that is why I feel sailaday is so vital, for people to get that opportunity of connection to themselves and their life. 

My experience is as a client, I have been through Longreach and am now in aftercare at Ocean Quay, I have much to learn and have realised that recovery takes a little longer than I first anticipated - a lot longer! I was employed until just before I left Longreach, when I decided my aftercare required more than I would have received had I returned home. I have 19 years experience in the care industry; cover all types of special needs areas. I have qualifications in complementary therapies, a Level 3 NVQ in Health and Social Care as well as a Level 2 in counselling skills. I do not at this stage know in which direction my future or career lies, but I know that at this time I wish to promote or be a part of something I truly believe in and have a great respect for. I also love sailing and sports. Sailing is a beautiful experience. 

Sue Parker Hall

sueSue Parker Hall, Secretary.

A British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy psychotherapist (Snr Accred), supervisor and free-lance trainer in private practice and a higher education lecturer. She has a particular interest in second stage recovery from substance addiction (co-dependency) and is author of Anger, Rage and Relationship: An Empathic Approach to Anger Management (Routledge 2008). Anger management difficulties are conceptualised as a symptom of unprocessed trauma, life events which a person has been unable to process previously. EAM respects an individual's unique character, history and current mental health status rather than delivering a psycho-educational 'one size fits all' programme; clients are assisted to develop the capacity to process life's experiences in a therapeutic relationship rather than teaching 'management strategies' which temporarily suppress rage but don't address underlying trauma. Sue also conceptualises addiction as a symptom of unprocessed trauma requiring a similar, tailored to the client, approach. She enjoys sailing for fun. 

John Marshall:

john John Marshall:

I've been an enthusiastic sailor for 30 years and have really appreciated the profound sense of connection with the universe one feels when at sea.  It brings a sense of perspective that no other experience does.  In supporting Sailaday OK as a trustee I hope to bring this experience to people who really need it.  Having met several of the participants I'm assured that they derive real benefits from the therapy.

Libby Cross

libby Libby Cross.

Trustee Cornwall.  Consultancy project coordinator with Cornwall College. We are working with a group of four where I have set them a brief which will benefit the charity. As a trustee, I would like to concentrate on this area of working with groups from the college. I would like to use my contacts at the college to build a sustainable relationship with them, in the hope that we could continue to have a new consultancy group each year. Ideally this work will raise awareness of the charity and can only benefit it by working with the local college and using the resources of the business students themselves and the research facilities that they have access to. Whilst studying, I was the project manager of two 

Martin Little

Trustee and Treasurer

th martin sok pic2Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and member of the Institute of Chartered Tax Advisers, and partner in Greenwood Wilson Chartered Tax Advisers and Accountants.

Dr. Bill Jerome

th Bill on benchChair of Trustees

I am a Consultant Clinical Psychologist working in mental health services in the NHS. I have been involved with Sailaday OK since the charity was founded, and I think it has an inspirational and very innovative approach. I have a lot of experience of clinic and residential unit based therapy programmes, and I feel that adventure therapies are potentially very effective, and can help people with very unhappy life stories make rapid changes. The excitement and challenge of sailing in a yacht gives people recovering from addictions a unique opportunity to experience both happiness and competency – you can see this in their video blogs! Sailaday does really change lives.



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