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Sailaday OK – Life changing therapy at sea

Sailaday OK supports marine based adventure therapy to help adults, their families and young persons recover from the consequences of addictions, abuse and other trauma .

Our unique evidence based therapeutic model promotes positive personal change through practical expereince. To reduce disadvantage and social exclusion  by provision of therapeutic sailing  & Educate therapists and skippers in the benefits of therapeutic sailing.


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Feedback from Agencies 2011

Feedback and testimonials from agencies 2011

th BroadreachbuttonThe main aim of Sailaday OK is for the participants 'to have a positive experience of themselves' please give feedback..... ?

Most clients have come back having a positive experience; they have also faced their fears and overcome them. They have discovered new things about themselves and increased their confidence. They have got to know each other better. (Broadreach 2011)

How has Sailaday Ok been helpful for your clients?

Increased confidence, self-awareness, leaning to sail and associated aspects, communication skills, relationship building, manage conflict, facing fears, trying something new, new passions, gratitude, self-discovery

Team building, learning to sail, community and communication, building trust, positive experience, natural buzz/high of the whole experience, (2011)

Are there any specific positive changes that you have been aware of for the participants?

How to manage conflict, relationship building, team building, and new experience, more confident and more willing to enter into the process.


2011 Manger Plymouth Residential,.‘. 

 This is a very important part of someone’s treatment now and Personal development and having this opportunity and this unique experience dramatically increases their chances of remaining drug/alcohol free and to work with their underlying issues.

2011 Manager Therapist Ocean Quay’s. 

The Sailaday OK session/s play an important role in the healing process and integrates well into our treatment plan.  Historical abuse and trauma triggers feelings of intense helplessness, fear, and lack of control – an opportunity to engage in a practical activity, in a safe and supportive environment, challenges these feelings.  It gives a very concrete experience to draw on and from which to recognise resilience, existing strengths and the ability to make positive changes in their lives.




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